How it works ?

Multi-projects data collections


STAROS includes several projects, available on the homepage of this site. For each of these projects, a database is implemented to host the spectra of the astronomers. Each database is open to all registered users.


Each database allows public access to the data added by all users. It is also possible to add your own spectra by creating a user account.

Free registration

Registration is free for all. As soon as you create an account on one of the projects, your account gives you access to upload new spectra on all projects.

Visualization tools

Each database provides several visualization tools such as :

  • Display of a spectrum, balmer lines,...
  • Sharing a spectrum
  • Display of several selected spectra
  • Animation of a batch of selected spectra
  • 3D visualization of a batch of selected spectra
  • Display of all the spectra of the base


In the spirit of thinking rigorously, we’d love your open and honest feedback on this initiative. Let us know what you think.