STAROS Initiative

STAROS Projects aims to promote and develop the practice of spectroscopy for amateur astronomers. This objective is implemented in a variety of ways (educational, collaborative and scientific) and projects (see below).

This initiative was launched in September 2023 by 5 enthusiastic amateur astronomers. The team's composition is available here. : STAROS Team

Our actions

At this stage, support in learning spectroscopy is mainly provided by collaborative observing campaigns, such as alpha Draconis and alpha Cygni.

Indeed, observation data is obtained at the cost of considerable investment of time, effort and sometimes difficulty. We believe that these data deserve to be brought to the fore, and their exploitation is an important step that also deserves to be accompanied by tools that are pleasant to use, intuitive and constantly improving..

But STAROS is not just a database. Numerous projects are currently being developed to make spectroscopy a tool for all amateur astronomers. We need your help to make them a reality !

Some results
  • Thealpha Draconis campaign mobilized several astronomers with a common goal. Over a period of several months, more than 10 consecutive days of observations were consolidated from more than 200 spectra.
  • This first campaign resulted in qualitatively accurate measurements compared with professional results, and a scientific publication is currently in progress.
  • Co-organization with Shelyak Instrument of the spectro star party 2023 at l'OHP to support preparations for the new STAROS campaigns (alpha Cygni and 10 lac).

Why support us ?

Our mission, while exciting, requires significant resources. The infrastructures that host our projects, such as the observation campaigns, are the backbone of our work. They enable us to collect precious data, to analyze the light spectra coming from stars, in particular, and to offer the and amateur astronomers with the tools they need to explore the universe to explore the universe in innovative ways.

However, maintaining and improving these infrastructures is expensive. In addition, we are constantly looking for ways to develop new tools tools for amateur astronomers. These tools are not only essential for scientific research for scientific research; they also enable each and every one of us to continue to learn and probe the immensity of the space around us.

Our projects in development

We have a number of projects in the pipeline that promise to bring spectroscopy to life with enthusiasm and passion. These projects range from improving spectroscopic to the creation of educational programs designed to discover and inspire the next generation of inspire the next generation of spectroscopic astronomers. Each of these projects requires a significant investment of time, energy and money.

Your support can make all the difference. By contributing to these objectives, you are not only financing the purchase of equipment or the payment of accommodation costs. You are investing in the future of our shared practice of spectroscopy. You're helping to build a community of passionate explorers, determined to unravel the mysteries of the universe..

How your donations will help ?

Every donation, large or small, makes a significant contribution to our mission. Here's how your support will help :

  • Infrastructure funding: : Your donation can help cover the costs necessary for our observation campaigns and for the secure storage secure storage of collected data.
  • Development of new tools : With your help, we can develop and improve the tools available to amateur astronomers, making astronomy more accessible to all.
  • Support for maturing projects : Your contribution can speed up the development of our current projects, enabling us to make them available more quickly.
  • And many other surprises !

You can help us

It's thanks to donations that STAROS can continue its mission, and it only takes 2 minutes.

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